Training Methodology

Training Methodology
Training Methodology :
Delegates will be encouraged to fully participate in this technical Course through the use of syndicate workshop presentations, group discussions, and workshops. A hard-copy manual and (CD), PowerPoint slides, relevant (DVD) materials, handouts and instrument documentation will be fully utilized. The course explains these techniques in a clear fashion and will include daily summaries, drills, and workshops designed so that the delegates can effectively apply the Course material in their daily work.
o Lectures
o Role Play
o Active Learning
o Case study
o Brainstorming
o Team Works
o In-depth Discussions
o Data Show
Training Evaluation:
The work of training evaluation system based on multiple grounds and procedures:
o continuous assessment in order to achieve flexibility in the training process and focus on topics that participants suggest that they need to expand to discuss.
o continuous evaluation of the training process in order to find the means and the method is most useful in the install information.
o Rating depends on several axes:
o Post intern debate over the scientific process for cases
o Degree of attention to the practical application of the axes of training
o Trainee's commitment to the dates of the training
o Pass the final individual tests
Graduation Requirements:
First : To achieve an attendance rate of 80% .
Second : Pass the final individual tests
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