A Word from the Managing Director

Intelligent Business Center (IBC) takes pride in outstripping with excellence for the past 12 years in the field of training and educational services. 

We provide the most competitive advantage in the excellence of training with a standard which corresponds with worldwide training and various training requirements in order to meet the needs of different Business Segment.

We are continuously adapting our offer to support our customer with operational activity by implementing new training courses and delivering highly-skilled expertise to your team.

Our objective experience in the field of training shall inevitably correspond with all the distinctive needs your company or organization may have and can be customized on demand to adapt to your particular training request. Our courses are consequently set up following a quality process policy, which is essential to ensure maximum enhancement to the abilities of our clients.

As a recognized training leader, IBC is involved in several working groups to anticipate the future with respect to worldwide training. Our primary objective remains to grant your personnel with top notch specialized training that guarantees quality and reduced operating costs.

We are one of the largest Training experts that provide our customers with the latest high availability training in the world being proudly empowered with state-of-the-art training equipment.

If you require any further information, please do not feel hesitant to contact us. We shall be glad to help you acquire the skills you aspire that will match with your professional needs.

Sincerely yours,


Managing Director

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